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Jane Evelyn Atwood is an independent photographer. She’s been working for quite some time developing original topics for magazines, setting up exhibitions and enriching her personal files.

A Parisian gallery is currently hosting her last show called “Exterieur nuit”, a series of photographs on blind people. The images have been taken through the eighties in France, United States, Australia and Israel. Mainly portraits, the images, like the one of a child, eyes closed, standing up near a window feeling deeply the rays of light, are always subtle and sweet. The artist deals here with a touchy topic but never ends up with a scary or disturbing result. The most amazing in these portraits is the attitude of the characters, the way they stand, how they hold things. This exhibition give us a glance of what is it like to feel the world rather than see it.

“Exterieur nuit” by Jane Evelyn Atwood at the Gallery “Fait et Cause”, 58 rue Quincampois Paris 4eme

Text: Mathieu from Supershibuya

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