PLACEText: Filip Stoj

Well, if it ain’t from London, than it ain’t hip. At least that’s how it seems from here, with the huge rise of bands like Radiohead who recently played in the Hammerstein Ballroom to great raves, accompanied by a 1 hour Mtv special. But what about the NY Music Scene?

Well, if you missed the Katz Family at Spy this summer, than you may have a second chance to catch SoHo celebrity Guyora Katz (also one-time Skinner Box pianist) again as his presence may soon grace CIV, the Atlantic sponsored NY Hardcore Band.

Fact is, that the mostly straight-edge band ditched their bassist over his continuing problems dealing with his dope addiction. Enter “G” Katz, whose distorted free-style organ sounds will make a perfect match for the ‘Base’-less band. Look for their first appearance at the Roseland on March 1st or 2nd featuring Civ, Sam Seagler (of the Gorilla Biscuits + Warzone), and “G”.

Text: Filip Stoj

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