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HAPPENINGText: Noriko Ishimizu

Takahida Fujita’s repertory theatre, MUM & GYPSY, performed their latest production “BOOTS” at LUMINE 0 (Luminezero) in Shinjuku, Tokyo from 21 to 29 December 2018.

Being both playwright and director, Takahiro Fujita has collaborated with a range of creators besides theatre field, from fashion brands, manga artists, novelists, to poets, singers, musicians, book designers. His range of work is expanding.


“BOOTS” is a collaborative project with German shoe brand Trippen. After a year of collaboration on production, their seaside-based theatrical show “BEACH” was performed last summer. In winter 2018, “BOOTS” was completed as the final series.


As a wardrobe supplier, Trippen first collaborated with MUM & GYPSY in 2016’s “Romeo and Juliet” performance. After that, Mr. Fujita visited a Trippen trade show, where he was overwhelmed and impressed by the number of shoes lining up in the exhibition space. This experience inspired him to kick off a co-production project with the brand.

Different combinations of shoes models, leathers and color were considered while designing shoes for the stage in particular. Mr. Fujita paid attention to casting every part of the production, from music, set, to costumes. Both “BEACH” and “BOOTS” were inspired by Trippen’s shoes collection.

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