PEOPLEText: Noriko Ishimizu

Did you already incorporate the theory of appropriation into your work when you began your professional artist career?

I have two different kinds of work; citation of images and my original drawings. I’ve been interested in appropriation since before. But, I just recently started to do sampling of those images. Both work from sampling and my original drawings have the same concept.

Adult Coloring (Blue Nude), 2018, Spray and Posca on Canvas, 1,000 × 803 mm

Please explain your process to notice the appropriation.

I’ve liked art since I was in high school and especially I liked appropriation art like Richard Prince. That is a big inspiration for me. I agree with the idea that work is not necessarily created from nothing and even it’s sampling of existing images.
I also like club music and culture and I’m inspired from techniques of musical sampling and cutting-up.

Adult Coloring (Miffy 01), 2018, Spray and Posca on Canvas, 455 × 380 mm

What do you want to express by “Adult Coloring”?

Keywords of my work is play and therapy. I think that coloring has both of them. By the use of graffiti technique, which roughly sprays on the wall, I want to share feelings of roughness and freedom.
It is important for me to feel. Today, internet and reality is at the same rank and I think that something virtual is getting fit into reality. On the internet, images are overflowing, always with ideas. I think this is totally opposite from feeling.

Please tell us what you want to try as an artist.

I would like to paint on the wall of somebody’s private house if it’s possible. I hope that houses in the world would be filled with art. I want to decorate them with art and I want to see art on the wall of daily rooms, not only street.

Please tell us your future plan.

I will have a group exhibition EPIC PAINTERS Vol.5 at THE _____ GALLERY (THE blank GALLERY) in Harajuku from January 9th to 24th, 2019. I will also have my solo exhibition VIRTUAL WALL (tentative title) at H.P. DECO Cabinet de Curiosites 2 in Nanba, Osaka from March 2nd to April 1st, 2019

Text: Noriko Ishimizu
Translation: Hanae Kawai

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