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HAPPENINGText: Jeremy Tai

In the madness that is known as multimedia agencies it seems as all the middle to large agencies are merging or being gobbled up by the big players. Not to be out done, this month Hamburg joined the fray. First there was the rumour that Kabel New Media, a publisher style agency, was going to be bought by Icon Media Lab. This was proven to be untrue since Icon Media lab decided to start their own offices in Hamburg.

Secondly there was the fact that Lava was being swallowed-up by XML. And lastly was the buying of the Swedish spray network by the New York agency Razorfish. The last acquisition was made with a lot more style than the Lava/XML merger since spray decided to celebrate the merger with a Friday evening get-together. Get together is quite an understatement since they also were celebrating one year of spray in Hamburg and the almost completed design of their interior Hamburg offices.

And since there were around 3000 invitations being sent out, calling the event a get together could be easily replaced for the word party. I showed-up a bit early to catch a glimpse of the office before the full-blunt of the guests arrived. The office was looking impressive, and thanks to the effort of Stefan Possert of Farmer Manual fame, the lighting was setting a subdued style mood to go with the projections of animated gifs and Adobe Aftereffects movies. In the end about 1000 people attended and gave their blessing to spray/ Razorfish offices.

Text: Jeremy Tai

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