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HAPPENINGText: Stephanie Bui (The Daily Couture)

© Sakina M’Sa

One dress by Sakina M’Sa from her ready-to-wear spring-summer 2008 collection is pointing out to the still understated role and power of socially responsible fashion design. That year, her collection was made out of clothing coming from the Emmaus Movement, founded by the iconic French Catholic priest, Abbé Pierre. For years, the fashion designer has been committed herself to upcycling, traceability of the supply chain, respect of artisanal skills and communities and social responsibility by training and giving a job to unemployed persons. Later, she opened the concept store Front de Mode aiming at enhancing responsible fashion design within the fashion system. Her social commitment made her a pioneer on the Parisian fashion scene.

© Tzuri Gueta

The art of silicone design for fashion jewelry in 2009 by textile engineer Tzuri Gueta illustrates how science, textile and design can be mixed and matched. His use of silicone he combined with textile has become his signature. His technique of blowing silicone into lace was patented in 2005 and is used as an art of textile embellishment by many fashion and couture houses up to this day.

© Julien Fournié

This one couture dress by Julien Fournié from his very first 2009 collection “First pieces” was already outlining the premises of his style codes mixed with more innovative materials that would later be showcased during the Haute Couture Weeks. He is one of the designers renowned for its fashion tech interest he explores with Dassault Systèmes – FashionLab, a technology incubator at the crossroads of the fashion world and 3D design.

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