HAPPENINGText: Julio Cesar Palacio

06 Anthony and the Johnsons
Anthony and the Johnsons

The people started to walk to the huge and a little far away Heineken stage where Anthony and the Johnsons was about to start his show. That stage was really big but Anthony was not alone… for this show the American artist had the incredible support from the OBC The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra, and this was such a incredible set up to let Anthony display all his talent and his drama on stage. Dressed in a white matching with the Orchestra musicians, and with the support of bizarre but unique visuals, the artist performed songs from his all his albums in a delicate but powerful gig. 

07 Spiritualized

I ran back across the whole Forum to get back to the ATP stage, for the presentation of Spiritualized lead by Jason Pierce. The UK band, released their album “Sweet heart Sweet light” and it was a perfect time to see how the band is still on good shape and delivered a nice show with their mix of pop-rock, psychedelia with some electronic touch. 

08 Sun O)))
Sunn O)))

I stayed at the ATP for the next gig, this moment was really funny, because with all the amount of “normal” proposals that the festival had at that time, some people decided to stay and see the performance by Sunn O))) I think (watching people faces) so many of this people stayed without so many knowledge of what the band was about talking with some people they told me they where expecting a metal band, really loud and fast. Sunn O))) is one of my favorites and the band irrupted and for some people interrupted the festival with their theatrical darkness. With a lot of smoke coming out of the stage, the corrosive drone coming out of the speakers, the people was confused and silent… it was really one of the best moments of the festival, it was like the apocalyptic for party people, who started heading to other stages to search for the party. 

09 Jungle 1

For me after watching the whole Sunn O))) show, it was the perfect time to go home but in my way out found myself near to the Ray-Ban stage were the new sensation band from the UK JUNGLE was ready to go with their shinny flashy style, happy vibes with their called “Urban Music” which is a name to refer the cocktail of funk, soul, dance music.

10 Tony Allen
Tony Allen

Friday couldn’t started in a better way, and I was excited to see the great Tony Allen at the Auditori Rockdelux. The Nigerian artist in the middle with dark sunglasses seated on the drums, and supported by a fantastic band delighted us with their Afro-beat. The legendary drummer well known for being an essential part of Fela Kuti‘s band for decades. At the middle of the concert the serious and comfortable seats of the Auditorium were empty, because the Groove and the Rhythm was to catchy so the audience stood up and started to dance and clap! wonderful… definitely one of the best moments of this year edition.

That was a great moment, but this year if I analyze the whole Festival I can say that this year I was all about WOMAN Power!!! Yes, the female portion that is always strong in the festival, this year was bigger and stronger giving us the best acts, the coolest shows they were the total winners of this edition.

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