COLETTEText: Guillaume Salmon from colette

Guillaume Salmon is PR for colette since 2002, enjoying to be in the middle of different culture and microcosms… From the west coast of France, he is a Parisian since ever and for ever for one reason, because Paris is Magic!!! He will be proud and glad to relate to the colette way of life and here, lists his favorite finds from colette month after month.


Karl Lagerfeld × Tiffany Cooper
For KARL LAGERFELD, Tiffany has created a mini collection of playful ready-to-wear and accessories mixing her cheeky but sweet universe with the designer’s codes. The result depicts Karl and his inseparable sidekick Choupette as they depart on an unexpected summery road trip. On t-shirts and sweatshirts embroidered with patches, the designer dances in front of a puzzled Choupette. He dons a loincloth while Choupette has a ukulele on a Tahitian beach. The duo is also seen enjoying ice cream cones and super-sized milkshakes and roller-skating off to new adventures. Karl’s face is also displayed on a biker jacket and jeans. And his smile and famous ponytail can be seen on a leather bag while the whiskers and big eyes of Choupette are shown on a plexi clutch bag. Cotton beach bags, PVC totes, printed slip-ons, caps and jewelry complement this comic range.


To accompany the release of its new tennis racket “LT12”, Lacoste also presents an innovative capsule collection, combining technology and tradition, which includes all the codes of DNA Lacoste : pique cotton, color block, piping …


Eytys’ expertise when it comes to sneakers is proven. Today the Swedish label embarks on a new challenge: VOID, a line of 3 beautiful, functional, and unisex bags, including a backpack, a tote and a briefcase manufactured in a completely innovative waterproof material that allows Max Schiller, founder of the brand, to keep his belongings dry during his boat journeys between his archipelago and his office in Stockholm …
A product that keeps your belongings safe while traveling by boat, but that is also perfectly suited for city life. The result is a collection of waterproof bags made in a factory that typically manufactures inflatable rafts, kayaks and tents. VOID, the material developed by Eytys is a polyester coated with polyurethane on both sides. A material that meets high performance standards while maintaining a minimal and sleek finish. Radiofrequency welding was used to put the bags together, creating strong, fully waterproof seams that are more resistant than the material itself.


New season, new practice, new place, with an appointment to the Temple Noble Art! Boxing Gloves made by BODYCROSS for the colette boxing. Such is the spirit of BODYCROSS, a turned “workout” Brand fitting a particular attention on products, fabrics, bringing a federative message “Beyond Your Limits™” meaning fight and surpassing of yourself respecting Your Body. BODYCROSS is the first created French Brand “Active Wear”.


French do it Water
Can be drunk by young and old. This extremely pure natural mineral water is packed at source. With a touch of mockery, FRENCH DO IT WATER is the new way to be good while drinking water, drawn by Benjamin Isidore Juveneton.

Text: Guillaume Salmon from colette

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