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The opening of EDIT LIFE brings a new vibe to the collection of bars, restaurants and cafes at Robertson Walk. Part gallery, part pop-up store, curated by Japanese designers to showcase Japanese creative works, the glow of the white space brings a welcomed energy to the space.


Opening night saw the launch of the exhibition, “Let’s go for a drive” featuring works by Shingo Wakagi and Mike Ming. Created during a road trip across the United States in the 90s, the collaboration sees Wakagi’s photographic images overlaid by Ming’s artwork and lyrics. Documenting the landscapes of New York, New Orleans, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah and Colorado, Wakagi documented the changing landscapes and light from urban to desert while Ming drew his thoughts and musings. The overlaying of both elements provide insight to an era of music, as well as an interesting graphic juxtaposition of thoughts and forms.


The EDIT LIFE space is compact yet impactful, where every surface of the space is utilised. From the framed artworks and projections on the walls, to the clean lined shelves littered with a mix of collaterals. As part of “Let’s go for a drive”, cameras from the Wakagi’s personal collection were available for sale, bringing a personal touch to the exhibition and space.


In addition to showcasing Japanese talents, EDIT LIFE also sets out to foster the design ties between the Japanese and Singaporean art and design community. A sharing on opening night by the Artist Wakagi, local Singaporean design community members Kenny Leck from BooksActually and Pann Lim from Kinetic kick-started discussions and sharings on design and approaches to design.


May the EDIT LIFE vibe and glow start to permeate, and the discussions grow to edit our design outlook and lifestyle.

EDIT LIFE | Opening
Date: August 6th, 2014
Address: 11 Unity Street, #01-32 Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995

Text: Fann ZJ

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