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Art Garden 2012
Dawn Ng, Walter, 2010. PVC float. SAM Collection

Think of an art museum and children would probably be the last patrons to come to mind. Incorporating technology and art into accessible mediums, the Art Garden intentionally targets children and creates a children-friendly and conducive environment to engage both the young ones and the young at heart, all while developing both local and international art talents.

Alexandre Dang, Dancing Solar Flowers, 2004 – 2012. Paper flowers with solar-powered mechanism

In its third year running (that’s how popular it has since grown in the hearts’ of the little ones), Dawn Ng’s ever-popular curious colossal bunny, Walter makes a return to greet the little ones since his last appearance at Marina Bay. Massive and cute, it is no wonder that Walter is always in demand. Accompanying Walter are the Dancing Solar Flowers of Alexandre Dang, a dynamic kinetic art installation that creates a delightful setting to start off the visit to the museum.

Loh Sau Kuen, Everyday Wonders, 2012. Stoneware clay, woodboard, found objects, toy parts and paint

Interactivity is a key to the Art Garden and it is no wonder that children are encouraged to touch, feel and be part of the creative process to create art. Loh Sau Kuen’s Everyday Wonders turns simple, everyday objects like clothes pegs to aluminium foil into meaningful tools to create art through hands-on pattern-making. The work plays on colour, geometry and the fact that it is fun!

Justin Lee, Dress Me Up, 2012. Painted fabric, canvas, wood and vinyl

Justin Lee creates a rainbow coloured play room in his interactive installation, The Art of Imagination. Playing on scale, children are invited to dress up giant paper dolls and a massive tiered cake. Numerous characters and personas are created as children mix and match expressions, clothes, accessories to express their thoughts and imagination.

After all that stimulation, take a break, sit back and enjoy the series of short films and animations, especially for cartoon lovers. Local animated shorts by young Singaporean students are also featured.

A delightful and colourful array of settings and experiences spark off trails of squeaks, laughter and smiles. A sure sign that the little patrons are satisfied.

Art Garden 2012
Date: 18th May – 12th August, 2012
Place: Singapore Art Museum
Address: 8 Queen Street, Singapore 188535.

Text: Fann ZJ

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