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HAPPENINGText: Alicia Tan


Do not judge a book by its cover, our parents tell us. But in the world of visual art and print, the exterior is just as important in catching one’s eye, as the interior.


Curated by Yanda from the design blog THEARTISTANDHISMODEL, the exhibition I HAVE A ROOM WITH EVERYTHING welcomes design lovers, aficionados of print, and the average person who enjoys beautifully made things. Touted as the first graphic design exhibition dedicated solely to the art of printed materials, ROOM showcases a selection of more than 200 magazines, catalogs, books, flyers and even CD albums by the who’s who of the industry.


Yanda’s visceral and tactile approach to curating the exhibition is apparent in the layout of the room. Visitors are highly encouraged to touch, pick-up and interact with the various publications. ROOM boasts handpicked copies of WERK, On Pedder catalogs, Anni Kuan lookbooks and work designed by Kinetic and H55. It is undeniable that ROOM is a testament to the hardwork and careful orchestration between the designers and printers who have given each exhibit life.


Visitors climb up four steep flights of stairs and are rewarded with an intimate space, warmly lit and with ample seats. Rest your weary legs and freshen up your mind’s eye with a smorgasbord of papers, thick and thin.

Each piece is thoughtfully tagged with handwritten lines detailing the who, what, where, when and why. A significant number of the works exhibited are from personal libraries and collections, which again highlights the incredibly intimate nature of the exhibition.


I HAVE A ROOM WITH EVERYTHING could only be achieved in such a setting where visitors can mingle with the exhibits. Flip through hefty cloth books and delicate newspapers, unravel the curious covers bound haphazardly with thread, play interactive record covers. I HAVE A ROOM WITH EVERYTHING is like returning to your old room, and discovering things that you once loved and had briefly forgotten. The touch of vellum, the smell of different kinds of ink.


For those who want to sink their teeth into something even more substantial, the exhibition is also holding dialogue sessions with local industry heavyweights like Also DoMinie’s Junny Saw, Asylum/Somewhere Else’s Yong and Yah-Leng Yu from Foreign Policy Design.

I Have A Room With Everything
Date: 23rd July – 5th August, 2011
Opening Hours: 12:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Sundays)
Place: Night & Day Gallery
Address: 139C Selegie Road, Singapore 188309
Admission: Free

Text: Alicia Tan
Photos: Alicia Tan

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