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AZITO is pleased to introduce new artworks by Yasumasa Morimura.

Azito News April 11
Doublennage / Einstein” by Yasumasa Morimura

First of all, look at these three artworks briefly. Did you notice something?
Yes, they are impersonated by the same man. And he is the artist himself who created this series of artwork.

Morimura started to impersonate famous figures who already passed by to know how they will see our generation if they were alive. In the process of creating artworks, Morimura learned about their lives and their thoughts since just imitating their appearance was not enough to create this kind of artwork.

Doublennage / Marilyn” by Yasumasa Morimura

“Einstein” and “Marylin” are the iconic figure represents the 20th century in terms of science and movie star. Both field appeared to change our lives in the 20th century. Science created a better living and tragic wars with chemical bombs. Movie stars provided joy in life and sense of beauty or hero. Morimura quoted “In 20th century, while men were active in real life such as science or politics, women were shining in the screen. Compared to that, there is no border of male or female and where they are active at in the 21st century.”

Doublennage / Mona Lisa” by Yasumasa Morimura

“Mona Lisa” is the artwork came out from the series which he pretends to be famous paintings. He looked not only the original artwork to create this artwork, but also her imitations. The colors of the original work is degraded and he thought the imitations will lead him to better understand the original artwork.

These artworks are made of lenticular lens and you can enjoy two patterns of the faces which appears when you see it from different direction. Just look at each artwork pages to enjoy what is happening on the other side of the work.

All works are available on AZITO.
AZITO’s partner gallery for this project: BLD Gallery

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Text: Rasa Tsuda

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