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HAPPENINGText: Tatsuhiko Akutsu


It’s not really that unusual for design/art portals to organize creative conferences, like OFFF Festival, FITC, and My Favorite Conferencea and Design Edge of IdN. Now this trend has widened to the media art and web design business in Japan such as CBCNET’s APMT and Hitspaper’s HIGH5. The PUBLIC/IMAGE.LABEL has addressed a variety of cutting-edge artists of the age in PUBLIC-IMAGE.ORG since its reception, and finally decided to hold an unique creative conference “PUBLIC/IMAGE.METHOD“.

It was, 2 years ago when PUBLIC/IMAGE was founded and started curating interesting artists with an original point of view and extensive network. The initiative’s tag line was: “to make our public images our own”. It has now established a strong position as one of the major art/design portals publish in Japanese.

PUBLIC/IMAGE.METHOD Session 1 “teamLab x Katsuki Tanaka”

The first session was Toshiyuki Inoko, a representative of teamLab with Katsuki Tanaka. teamLab pursues their original expressions widely on the Internet and through installations, obfuscating the border among technology, art, and design. Furthermore, Katsuki Tanaka is a comic artist, who sends his own world-view out by means of illustration.

In the Web field for instance, each update of Action Scpript allows the possibility of physical computing and Flash to spread more, and such technologies are still in the process of evolution. Inoko seeks after what kind of interest on the evolution of technology can provide with audience. In the collaboration project SKETCH PISTON 2 with Katsuki Tanaka, they realized “a possible tool in which anyone can be a cartoonist”, generating Tanaka’s humor in illustration and the latest technology in the web world. They provided us laughs and possiblities that “the time will come where anyone can create interesting things with creativity, even if they are not professionals.” Not only artists but we all are granted special privileges to have a chance to create “interest with no name”.

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