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HAPPENINGText: Yuko Matono

The 4th exhibition “DESIGNING” in 2008 was held at about 50 shops and galleries in Fukuoka city. The concept of this exhibition was “ON”.

In the main hall, IMS, there has gathered to showcase “pieces” of each exhibit to act as the “index” of the event conveying at a glance an essence of “DESIGNING”. “IMS” has also functioned as the hub for visitors to get themselves down to another exhibitions taking place in various places around the city. The “index” venue has consisted of every day products such as cardboards and packing tapes, making a presentation how will it change if a spice of “design” adds into those common materials.


During the session, many events were held every day in the exhibition space next to the index. On 26th there was performed a workshop to handcraft voice recorders, collaborating with a design project MILE and ELEKIT of the electronic work. Parents and children built a model voice memo kit together and designed its package. Participants might have felt that “design” is not that special as they think. It is a free and familiar thing.


In the main venue there also held various events and competitions for anyone who can join and enjoy. The events include the young Hiroshima-based architect’s Makoto Tanijiri exhibition, the pink bell blood donation to suggest “blood donation × design”, and the Netherlands ecology movement project “NO JUNK MAIL STICKER.

At the shopping mall “VIORO” near the main hall, DESINGING produced an exhibition entitled “NURUMAYU”. This is a first student exhibition showcased cardboard-made headgears and vegetable flower made products, questioning to the passersby messages to ask “What’s Fukuoka?” and “What’s design?”

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