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PEOPLEText: Naoko Wowsugi

Is there any difference between now and the time you became a designer?

I just got used to being a designer, and I started seeing the scope of this job.

Do you try to do something special to find inspiration?

I don’t do anything special to find inspiration. I just let things be. I mean, if I have an appreciation for anything, it is that I can see everything in a positive way. It allows me to see everything more gratefully. If we strive for this appreciation in everyday life, we can find inspiration in anything.

It reminds me “Zen” spirit.

Yes, I like “Zen” also “Wabi and Sabi” spirit. Japanese people find beauty, philosophy and humanity in imperfection rather than in perfect things. I am proud of this Japanese sense.

Therefore, you dare to make it in Milan.

Yes, I would like to show this Japanese identity not only on the surface, but philosophically as well. Mode means present, and I am hoping this mode and Wabi and Sabi spirit spread all over the world.

giuliano Fujiwara
giuliano Fujiwara, Aoyama, Tokyo

What is your motivation?

To take opposing ideas like implicitness and explicitness, and fuse them together. This is my motivation for creation.

I see “Zen” spirit again. I guess you had obtained spiritual enlightenment of some sort?

Oh no, I am not there yet. I just try to not have any prejudices. I look at the good side of everything, so I enjoy a variety of cultures from classic opera to underground culture. I’m ready for anything.

What are your current projects?

I design furniture now. I will be designing lifestyles in general as well as fashion.

How about your future?

I don’t have any special plans. I am hoping to step up naturally.
I will do my best and that will lead my future, I believe. I would also love to have children someday.

As you recognize your own backbone, you can see the world in your own way.
This is the reason Mr. Matumura can be so relaxed.

giuliano Fujiwara
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Text: Naoko Wowsugi
Photos: Courtesy of giuliano Fujiwara

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