HAPPENINGText: Christina Merl

On Wallensteinplatz square in Vienna’s 20th district you currently have the chance to phantasize about such things in a very special location, a tower-like construction set up by the three architects Peter Fattinger, Veronika Orso and Michael Rieper. Their 20 meter high art object will be there for six weeks, inviting young and old visitors to socialise, enjoy the summer feeling and think about art, architecture and culture, if they like.

The special thing about ‘Add On‘ is that it contains many different objects at its different levels. For example, there is a DJ box, a hot tub, a bar and lots of other details such as wooden fences, garden gnomes, and a barbecue. Visitors are invited to touch, feel and enjoy these objects. And they are invited to think about how they might fit into their personal lifes.

The project, which is subsidized by the Association ‘Art in Public Spaces’ (Founds Kunst im offentlichen Raum Wien), aims to combine the ideas of privacy and publicity, of action and voyeurism. Whereas residents can watch visitors and artists who have agreed to work publicly in especially constructed ‘boxes’, some of them are annoyed by the fact that the tower provides visitors with a very good view into their private living rooms.

What was not planned but has been welcomed as an additional aspect to the dynamic project is that Turkish kids from the neighbourhood have started touse the ‘tower’ as their playground. One person has installed himself in a hammock on the ground floor of the tower and considers himself a ‘notorious dweller’.
Well, what would you add to ‘Add On’?!

Add On. 20 Hohenmeter
Date: June 17th – July 31st, 2005
Place: Kunst im offentlichen Raum Wien
Address: 93/2/24 Mariahilferstr., A-1060 Wien
Tel: +43 (0)1 969 1900

Text: Christina Merl
Photos: Courtesy of Add On

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