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PEOPLEText: Naoko Fukushi

From what do you usually get inspiration?

From many different things, actually everything can be inspiring. Listening to Music or just walking through the streets and “observing”. In the city I live a lot of different cultures mix together and you can find many strange things. I also get inspirations from visiting other countries – which I really enjoy. Especially Asia. I’ve been to Tokyo once, which was very fascinating. Tokyo is very inspiring !!!
I guess you can also see the influence of being part of the computer games generation in some of my work.

Is there any interesting movement in Germany?

Well, no I don’t think there is something at the moment that you could call a movement…hmmm…there are certainly a lot of small things going on. I guess the German city where the most cultural things are happening at the moment is Berlin.

Could you tell us the concept of the cover design for this issue?

The idea for the cover design of this issue was taken from another work I did, called oceanworld. This work is a series of 8 images. The images are quite big but the content is very small and you have to look closely to understand the images. Standing far away you only see geometrical shapes, but when coming closer it appears to be a kind of landscape where many little things are happening. There you will discover a little world of balloon people and water ski shows. I tried to translate this process of coming closer to the images and seeking for little things to the shift cover design animation. The bases of these pictures are my personal memories of being to Florida as a small child and visiting a lot of theme parks there.

If there is any plan or things what you want to challenge, could you tell us?

There are a lot of things that are challenging for me. Actually every new project is a challenge. I am planning to work more and more as a freelancer. There are a lot of things I want to do and I have many projects stored in my mind …

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Happy new year … enjoy your flight through ocean world … look closely

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Text: Naoko Fukushi

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