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HAPPENINGText: Tomohiro Okada

The existing things and things that we are looking for in the belief that they exist. Although it is unfortunate that we can’t find these things when we want to, there is possibility in some degree that we don’t get them. If the misfortune happens to many people, the people will be disappointed and gloomy. The media art in Tokyo is suffering this misfortune.

Many people say, “Media art is boring and annoying.” and the opinion is being fixed. It has a good reputation in London, New York, Linz and Taipei, etc; however, there is something dull in the center of media art. Not only the audience but also the artists themselves (especially whose works achieved public recognition abroad) started understanding this. If people can find the things they are looking for, the misfortune will go away and unprecedented art will begin.

Using an electric medium, Japanese artists are developing a new approach towards the audience and society. The artists market their works themselves. A cubic robot developed on the contemporary art paradigm (Noboru Tsubaki), the development of educational electrical toys (Hiroyuki Moriwaki), the t-shirts that turn into multiple art works (Ryota Kuwakubo) and more varies from conceptual things to scientific education, design and general merchandise. It is said that the Japanese educational system needs more scientific education. Doing everything by themselves and a self-starting attitude is as important as exhibiting their works at museums and galleries. It carries more weight when you require a close association with the real world. Looking for some commitment, developing new things and exploring the frontiers where they can lay a firm foundation, Japanese pioneers, leaving the White Cube, start to talk to the audience directly more than letting their works or projects talk.

Many people share same feelings when a new fad or development begins. Contemporary art imposes unnecessary pressure and many audiences wants to touch the brilliance of artists and enjoys art in outside of the White Cube. In Japan, there are many people that have dissatisfied feelings with art. On the other hand, there are also people that love good design and look for it throughout their lives. The world hopes to meet the artists and art which develops empathy and culturally feeds the audience.

“The media artist’s plan is given life by working upon the audience.”, “And the audience yearns for something fully attractive, understandable and intriguing.” These possibilities and convincing art events will dissolve the misfortune and make intellectual happiness. They must be a milestone. The participation of both audience and artists must make a new common sense of creation. Believing that, I set to work on “designing” a new art event.

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