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Ici La Lune from France designed the cover of this month. They have been expanding their field from designing web sites to the entertainment. Check their works that contribute to the interface culture as the super media designer.

Please introduce yourself as well as your background.

We are THE SUPERMEDIA DESIGNERS from Ici La Lune, Arnaud Le Ouedec, Benoit Platre and Vincent Queguiner. We founded our compagny nearly 4 years ago and we are conceptors / programers, today Ici La Lune is composed of 8 persons. Since the beginning we’ve mixed and loved innovation and creation.

How was Ici La Lune founded?

It was in the beginning of 1998, we were students (Arnaud Le Ouedec, Benoit Platre and Vincent Queguiner) and we decided to quit the Design & Art school (in our 5th and last year of studies) and to create our own company. Before this, we’ve been experiencing the new media with the Macintosh out of the school for 5 years. we had a total freedom of creation and interactivity, there was no history or any rules in this new area of expression. It was a very fascinating period, lots of good meeting and exchange occured at the beginning of the web design world.

What are the main activities of Ici La Lune?

We are specialized in content interactivity in Web sites, CD-Roms as well as Offline installations. We are lucky to work in various domains such as luxury, music, industry or entertainment. We spend a lot of time in research and development in order to innovate and developp industrial processes on our projects.

What sort of thing are you doing on Ici La Lune web site?

On the Ici La Lune web site… mmm… a HAPPY NEW YEAR card in Shockwave 8.5!

How have you been achieving your object that contributing to the new interface culture on the Internet and CD-Rom with a real screen approach different from the page makers one?

By building our own culture of screen and our own rules very early before the internet we know today. We were first interested in architecture or industrial design, when we began our studies we didn’t know anything about computers. We just knew that something interesting could be done according to the projects we had in mind concerning architecture or design. We first worked with the Macintosh as a tool to create some 3D pictures or animations of our design projects. After one year, we had a lot of thing to show but we were looking for the right media to present texts, pictures… We were also more and more comfortable with the notion of user interface thanks to our feeling with the Macintosh… At this time we wanted to create our own interface to show our projects on screen, we heard about Director 3.0, and then everything became possible. We learned programming by ourselves to be free to do what we had in mind. We feel now like some lucky designers because we manage everything from the concept to the final product, we can control the quality of our products at every stage of the production. The area of the screen is for us a place where everything can happen. To conclude, we feel ourselves nearer to industrial design approach than to the edition one…

You call yourself “Super Media Designer”. What is the difference between that and “Multi Media Designer”?

We wanted to call our job “supermedia” because at this time (1996) everyone was talking about multimedia, and we thought it was a poor word which did’nt it include the new kind of thinking it requires. Multimedia is talking about different media one put together or about a PC which has speakers and CD or DVD player. Supermedia is for us a new medium, more than the mix between different media. We try to think global, including creative and technical aspects, and it is a perpetual back and forth… The supermediais territory is between the screen and the mind and sensibility of the users, it is a non touchable media, it is a feeling which expresses itself with interactivity, graphics, motion, music…

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