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HAPPENINGText: Nicolas Roope

The Dome’s a flop, the wheel still hasn’t been turned on and, well, basically everyone has stopped talking about the millennium. Despite these failures, post 2000 London is on a high.

Everything seems to be going smoothly on the music front (apart from big industry mergers), nothing out of the ordinary culturally and the art thing is happily churning away in the background. British film is enjoying it’s re-entry on the world stage and British fashion has never been stronger. The economy is thriving, inflation is low, the winter is mild.

Yes, you got it. There’s something about doing well which is terribly boring. The fun is in the transition.

When I was a full time web designer in 1995 I was still a geek by most people’s standards. It was something you shouldn’t talk about at parties, pretending instead to be a fashion designer, a pilot or something. Well of course that’s changed now and there’s no better example of this than the statistic I recently read which stated that more teenagers in the UK want to be web designers than pop stars.


The internet is growing faster than there are people to produce it. High demand, low supply = value increase. For designers, and in fact anyone involved in the Internet, that’s good news. Pay is rising and with it is sex appeal. We’re the stockbrokers of the 1980’s boom-time, the Romans at the height of their reign.

I keep thinking, “when is this going to end?” Then again, I always think that.

Other Stuff

Checked the Guggenheim in Bilbao last week and it rocks. If I were a travel writer my report would be very short and would read something like this:

“Get off the plane, go straight to the Museum, choke on how fantastic it is, devour some amazing local tapas combinations coupled with a glass or two of great local Rioja. Then get on the plane and go home. There’s nothing else there.”

Tomato went up last week. Funky wobbly interface is very pleasing.

Toke’s also busy on update that is looking very cool. Due out soon.

If you’re into fucked up sci-fi/nightmare interiors then go to the Cyberbar under London bridge. It’s very disturbing, with robots serving disgusting cocktails entitled things like “Kryptonite Quintessence.” The robots even tell dirty jokes whilst mechanically serving. If you go, leave your sense of taste at home and remember to bring your twisted sense of humour.

Text: Nicolas Roope

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