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PEOPLEText: Mariko Takei

So this is still on-going project right?

Yes. What happened is I got connected with Waag. This is a space (Dewaag, Theatrum Anatomicum), it’s like a theater anatomical where they use to direct prisoners’ bodies or study. So I was very interested in to use this circle or theatrical space as a kind of space to direct our body in a way, social body in a way.

Yeah that’s images I’ve seen on the website. All those small images of body parts… You are kind of interested in man and technology..cross over. You are working on web or internet installations and always the main theme on them is human.

I think as I said, for me I like to use technology in a very common way. There is a network artists’ group actually study the whole internet structure, you know whole communication structure. Those people study sensor, TVs. My own interest is using the net to play with the narrative idea. Again it’s like technology and access like having people feel close to it.

A lot of my work in terms of installation, all the interface is a common objects like NTT ICC project (Buy One Get One) is a Hinomaru Bento box (Japanese traditional lunch box). And for Brandon it’s actually kind of real space interface in the Museum there’s like a huge video wall. So it’s really depends on different things.

You just came back from Amsterdam for the vacation. I’ve read that you are working in DeWaag. Could you talk about Amsterdam?

First time I went to Amsterdam was a couple of years ago and I found this place the Society of Old and New Media. This is actually a castle where the Theatrum Anatomicum is in there. This is like where those paintings of (pointing at one body direction painting on the Brandon flyer) actually using this building. I mean this is where they direct the body and where he did the painting.

It’s in the building. So it’s very striking for me. I think Amsterdam is probably the most advanced in the internet technology of Holland. Amsterdam in terms of the Society of Old and New media it is a kind of place that they do some commercial work, but they also do a sort of policy making, structure, education, experiment, type of work, particularly on internet technology and particularly on the idea of the internet should be public access technology.

So it’s a very open space in that way. Of course my background have a lot of that. So I was very attracted to this place and also they have really good laboratory like you have designers, you have programmers, all working there. So that’s really good. As far as Amsterdam it’s such an advanced place.

They actually have “xs4all“. I think that was the first time when they build so-called digital city. That was back in 1993-4. So the idea of having the digital city information is available. Amsterdam is quite advanced. I mean on the street you can see public telephone and all have the internet connection with screens.

How about groups or organizations like “xs4all” and “Steim“? “xs4all” is a free internet service provider… right?

Yeah. It’s a service provider and also house the digital city or DDS. All kinds are connected. You know it’s a small town. Every organizations are all connected and sometimes they come together to do works. I think Steim is a sound place that experiment sound technology. I don’t really work there, but I visited the place. They also offer kind of artist residency. So you can go work there.

In Amsterdam I think this year there are a lot of good web TV broadcast, internet TV broadcast and net radio things. In terms of the net event technology, actually quite a lot are happening. In Amsterdam you see those government support to make popular the technology.

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