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PLACEText: Jeremy Tai

Like some kind of post-war bunker repossessed by post-age hippie kids, there sits a new bar between St. Pauli and Schanzenviertel. Mutter, an eclectic one at best, owes-up to being the new place to drink and listen to tunes that vary between the sweet chill of Air and some drum-n-bass remix.

The first thing you notice when you crouch down into the entrance and swing-open the metal-hinged door is the copious amounts of smoke that hunches over the den-like setting.

This is a basement bar and as all basements, the air is stale and noxious as it engulfs the many 70’s styled loungers who drink the local beer, Astra out of a bottle, and exhale more second-hand smoke than an industrial smokestack.

If your eyes and lungs can handle the poisonous atmosphere you will enjoy the non-commercial feel (not one person is sports a black leather jacket) and the to earth vibe that Mutter has to offer.

Text: Jeremy Tai

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