THINGSText: Atsuko Kobayashi

Dedicated to the glitter. The Life, love and work Derek Jarman went though.

“Why I like this film is that everyone just laughes in there, feeling no pressure at all”
– Derek Jarman

Glitterbug includes a lot of his private footages shot with his unique interpretations of the film. After Jarman passed away in 1994, David Lewis took over the film and completed it using the footages in Jarman’s past films such as a scene from his first full feature length film, Sebastiane (1976), Jubilee (1978) and In the shadow of the sun (1980), the church where a scene in Tempest (1979) was shot, Tilda swinton in Last of England (1987) etc.

Jubilee (1978)

Facing troubles and difficulty caused by his being gay, Jarman tried to prove that anyone can be free from taboo and institutionalised customs while shooting films themed upon homosexualism, religion, war, destruction and all the negative side of the world.

Tempest (1979)

Glitterbug also introduces to the eccentric culture scene in the 70’s and 80’s of London. You could feel Jarman’s lifestyle by observing Sloane Square where he used to be based in London and Broken English which was made for Marianne faithful’s promotoional video.

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