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The exhibition that has sparked wonder and admiration in more than one million people in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Madrid, Lisbon, and Hong Kong is now coming to Japan! From March 15th to September 27th, “Banksy – Genius or Vandal?” will be held at Asobuild, Yokohama.

An anonymous artist based in the UK, Banksy’s works appear in unexpected places around the world such as streets, walls and bridges. Perceived by the art world as an artist who produces critical street art with the accompanying epigrams are satirical and full of dark humor aimed at social issues.

Banksy has composed a majority of his graffiti art on walls, and they are often immediately painted over so many of them do not exist today. Nevertheless, several individual collectors have collaborated to put together the world’s largest Banksy exhibition—with more than 70 original pieces, illustrations, and 3D objects—right here, in Yokohama.

This show features many exhibits that let you experience Banksy’s view of the world. In an installation that recreates the artist’s working environment, an image of Banksy emerges from the stencil molds, spray cans, and other items he uses to produce his art. In addition, there will be a video installation of the artwork planned in 2015 for the satirical theme park Dismaland and a reproduction of The Walled Off Hotel built in Palestine.

*The mysterious artist known as Banksy has not authorized or curated this exhibition. It is part of a world tour that features the collections of various art collectors.

Banksy – Genius or Vandal?
Date: March 15th – September 27th, 2020
Open: 10:00 – 20:30 (Last entry 20:00)
Place: Asobuild
Address: 2-14-9 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama
Tickets: Adult 2,200 yen, Students 1,800 yen, Children age 6-15 1,200 yen
*Plus each 200 yen on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays
Organizer: Banksy – Genius or Vandal? Production Committee

This exhibition will be closed until May 6th, 2020 as a preventive measure against the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Text: Editor

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