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NEWSText: mariko takei

Tomoko Taniguchi “Circulation of life” 2009 / Acrylic, wine, sumi ink and mixed metal on plywood / 75.5 x 106.5 cm

Curated by ARI, an art management office based in Japan, the exhibition “Breathing” by Tomoko Taniguchi and Takehiro Yoshimitsu, will be held at Art Beatus in Hong Kong on the 5th to 26th of March.


The rhythm of breathing between two persons defines their special relationship. There is a generational difference between Taniguchi and Yoshimisu. Taniguchi was born before the war and raised in Hiroshima after World War II. Yoshimitsu was born more than 30 years after the war. The commonality between them is what war has spurred in the development of their individual creative styles.
There is a tension between these two artists. The rhythm that arises from that tension will, needless to say, become the breath from both of them, and in turn will reach the hearts of visitors to this exhibition.

Tomoko Taniguchi & Takehiro Yoshimitsu: Breathing
Date: March 5th – 25th, 2010
Open: 11:30-19:30 (Closed on Sundays)
Opening reception: March 5th 18:00-20:00
Place: Art Beatus
Address: 50 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-2526-0818 (head office)
Curator: Yuka Nakamura (ARI)

Text: mariko takei

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