PEOPLEText: Ayumi Yakura

You join the creative team “2.5D” and have released the album from “Day Tripper Records” hosted by Seiho. Could you tell us about the music production in the past?

When I started creating music, I was 14 years old, My friend bought MPC and I bought a turn table and mixer. We composed the music and rap with it. Kick and rip appeared and I listened to those Japanese hip-hop many times. During the production, my friend mainly did sampling while I wanted to make more new music and we decided to break up the team. After entering high school, I bought MPC and composed inst music by myself.

When I graduated the school, my MPC was broken and I had to change the way to PC. Since then I could started creating music like now. The PC was co-use with my parents, so once I owned my PC, information increased suddenly and I enjoyed it so much every day.
I started SoundCloud and uploaded boot music in the early time. Tomad contacted me then I finally could release “Maltine Records” in 2013.

“Day Tripper Records” doesn’t exist any more but the event “INNIT” which was held in Osaka at that time was going to be held at Sapporo as well. DTR team had Seiho, Madegg, AVV, Magical Mistake. Sapporo team had PARKGOLF, Qrion, Ninja Drinks Wine, Jelousguy, REBEL MUSICAL. After that the opportunity for events in Tokyo are increased and I often met Seiho. And then we decided to release the album.

As for “2.5D”, since when I often had requests and CM work in 2014, those connection made the release come true.

In the “REO”, you produced the music collaborated with a rapper, how do you think about the relation with hip-hop and base-music in the future?

I want to do hip-hop much more. Regarding the base-music, I actually don’t think my work is not base-music. I listen to the music but I don’t think my work is going to go the base-music.

You released compilation album “VANDCAMP” with 5 young track maker who live in Sapporo in 2014. What kind of artist are they?

I has the longest friendship with him. He does not only DJ but composition music and often release. Since we told each other to work together in Sapporo, it is 5 years but nobody was in Sapporo now. I feel something new may start again.

Ninja Drinks Wine
He is the only person who had a clear head. He is good at action with cleaver thought. Other 4 people move with feelings, so Ninja is precious. He does his own melody with song and lyric and those are symbolic.

She catches things with her sense most quickly in the 5 of Sapporo. She returns what she got through the thick filter to the music, I want her to do something big in the U.S.

You do remix for famous artists like Takashi Fujii and tofubeats. If the offer comes at the same time, do you sometimes feel hard to decide the priority? Do you expect for new offer or something you challenge?

Basically I don’t think it’s difficult. Remix is my favorite job and thus it’s not hard for me at all. I want to produce various things.

You are working in Sapporo now. Do you have any recommendation spot in Sapporo for SHIFT readers who love music?

sound lab mole” was the venue where we often had live. It holds many events as live house and club.These may not be for travelers, but “Tsukisamu Park” and “Kotori no Hiroba” which is under the Odori street are my memorial places. I used to go Tsukisamu Park so often because my house was near there. Kotori no Hiroba is the huge old place where every Sapporo people must have been. There isn’t many people who understands its attractiveness.

Text: Ayumi Yakura
Translation: Fuyumi Saito

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