HAPPENINGText: Tomohiro Okada

H&M’s high brand line COS presented a magical theater designed by the Studio Swine. In the middle of the theater, a tree-looking object delivers soup bubbles, which you could touch or even take by your hand, and when it was eventually busted, smoke came out. This mysterious tree enchanted many people. The fantasy that technology could create has made us recognize the brand with experiences. They won the IED best engineering award in Milano Design Award by this impressive expression.

Whether it was through the products or through giving the impression by powerful magic, the technology engaged presentations were attempting to appeal the consumers by providing experiences through design. Similarly, it seemed like the experiences played an important role for the current design that comes along with our lifestyles.


IKEA created an amusement park by their products in the suburb, and held “IKEA festival”. What we saw there was the humorous installations made by the bizarrely assembled furniture parts, the space that we could throw sofas filled up with pillow at the target, and the piled up hula-hoops (They are also their product!). It was a playground rather than the exhibition of lifestyle products.

© Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering’s unique sound made this fun place even livelier. The workshops such as yoga and crafting that were happening around the venue made it more playful.

The assemblies of IKEA that always arouse our imagination for exploring (the term of “IKEA hack” was even coined) and the experience in the festive space gave a better brand impression not only to the press who was so enthusiastic but also to the people in Milan who was simply enjoying the time at design week.

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