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The CAF Award is an annual award targeted for young artist who are into university and graduate school started in 2014 organized by the Contemporary Art Foundation. It aims to help young and emerging artists. The objective of the CAF Award is to select talented artists who would become pillars of the next generation, and to further provide them with the opportunity of working in an international context.

Exhibition view

From November 2016 to January 2017, the CAF Award Selected Exhibition was held at Hotel Anteroom Kyoto. The artworks selected by Kohei Nawa, one of the juries of CAF Award, picked the artists from winners of the CAF Award. Besides, the works showcased include not only winning works of the past three CAF Awards but some artists’ brand-new works.

Exhibition view

There are total 30 works of 16 different artists were displaying in the exhibition. Selected artists included: Takuma Asai, Yukimasa Ida, Yoshiki Omote, Yu Kasuya, Alina Zhdanova, Aru Sunaga, Nozomi Tanaka, Yuta Toshima, Naoki Tomita, Yumi Nishimura, Taishi Hatayama, Natsuki Hoshino, Yuki Murai, Masahiro Masuda, Hidetoshi Muramatsu and Mio Yamato.

Exhibition view

As you enter the building you come across a large piece, made of various household and daily materials, of which the artist assembled creatively together. The exhibition was interesting to view the work of emerging artists, seeing the types of work they produced, which included installation pieces, painting, film and sculpture.

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