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HAPPENINGText: Cindy Tai

The symposium aims to bring together a large public with artists, theorists, and researchers around lectures, presentations, discussions, screenings, musical events, and performances, history and theory not regarded as entities separate from art practices but, on the contrary, as necessary and inherent to any relevant project in today’s artistic context.

Corinne Diserens

Through symposiums, exhibitions, symposiums, movie screening, music live and performance, artists can show their artworks in biennial, also share the on-going plannings and relative research, viewing history and theory as the inevitable element of the contemporary art network. This symposium is raised by different methodologies, discussing the prototype, mode and format of education.

TB16-02_09_ Sven_AUGUSTIJNEN_Hannah_RYGGEN
Sven Augstijnen & Hannah Ryggen “Summer Thoughts”, 2014, Mixed media installation. Dimensions variable.

Maxi Obexer “Political Writing and its Conditions” and Amandeep S. Sandhu “The Writer as a Memory Maker”, artists Gediminas Urbonas “Psychotropic House: Zooetics Pavilion of Ballardian Technologies), to discuss modern scienece and biotechnology’s perceptive and future. Artist Sven Augustijnen’s installation “History is simple and edifying” is in research to the making of movie “Fierté Nationale”.

Latifa La  Bissi & I-Fang Lin & Christophe Wavelet “OF GRIMACES AND BOMBS – Valeska G., a Travelogue, or: Who’s Afraid of the Grotesque?”, 2016 © Mark B. Anstendig

“Now that established values are breaking down and what seemed to feed common sentiment and intelligence has become problematical, now that no converging cultural will can keep the need for invention within stable forms, I declare that grotesque dance crystallizes in a single gesture and for our time the extremes that are about to explode.” These lines, written by Valeska Gert in 1920 in Berlin, motivates Latifa La  Bissi, Lin Yifang and Christophe Wavelet to present the first public performance of ‘OF GRIMACES AND BOMBS – Valeska G., a Travelogue, or: Who’s Afraid of the Grotesque?’ from 1-3 December, at Gallery D, showing the respect to the mutli-capacitied German artist Gert.

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