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The Taipei Biennale can be discribed as the signature art event in Taipei. Every biennial is co-curated by a Taipei artist and a forigner artist, filling the show with collision and communication triggered by the cultural difference. It is worth to mention that the ratio of Taiwanese artist within the artists in this biennial is the highest in the history.

Wang Mo-Lin & Blacklist Studio & Au Sow-Yee “Hermeneutics of Hamlet Machine”, 2015, Premiere in Power Station of Art, Shanghai

This year’s biennial encompasses many forms of art creatures, showing from visual art, dancing, performance, movie, historical evocations, editorial platforms, symposiums and workshops. Not only exhibiting in the venue, but also collaborating with the cutural space in Taipei, theatre, cinema and universities, to simulate the local synergy. There are discussions and interpretations about various topics.

Hong-Kai Wang “The Band of the Awful Ones”, 2016, Multi-channel video and sound installation

In order to explore geographies and artistic experimentations through the main area of Taipei Biennale 2016, curator Corinne Diserens considers for the key question posed by anthropologist David Graeber in his work, The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy: how to formulate a coherent critique of institutional bureaucracy and its structural violence in order that human imagination and radical thought do not lose their vital center?

View of the exhibition

As well as how to disarm configurations of power, including “The power of display” proposed by artist Peter Friedl, and how the state of consciousness with which something is produced creates a liberated zone.

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