Canada-based Animator with 20 years teaching background, Paul Johnson creates animations have a deep connection to childhood from 80’s gamers. The pixel art dancing like a kaleidoscope, having fun playing with delightful digital music which is the exclusive expression form of animation.

Begone Dull Care (2015), Dir. Paul Johnson in Abstract Animation Programme

One of themes that I addicted to is the weirdest, humorous and unpredictable silly funny! The loop stop-motion story of a group of toys, The Noise Of The Grey (2016), Dir Stephane Aubier and Vincent Patar made a free art party out loud endless, the explicit storytelling with hilarious mini statues actions, this popular animation just made blooming good mood for audiences!

Velodrool (2015) Dir. Sander Joon in From Absurd to Zany Competition

The simply hand-drawing style by Sander Joon is one of my favorite animated expression. This cycle racing pop-up lots of strange obstacles that those weirdos competitors go through the sea, drug and death for being the champion.

Au revoir Balthazar – Trailer (2015) Dir. Rafael Sommerhalder in Marvellous Animations

This Switzerland brilliant exquisite stop-motion was screening in Marvellous Animations mainly for audience age 8-15. The lonely broken leg scarecrow follows the sounds from shell, the scarecrow has no mouth but listen to the beauty of its hope, desire of the goodness of life which only exist in its imagination. Sadness, poetic with melancholy violin melody, it brings tender huge impact to the world, I wonder how the review would come from 8-15 years old audiences.Here is the website shows how the team making the astonishing.

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