If anyone would like to indulge in a pure visual audio imagination without any language barrier, London Internationa Animation Festival (LIAF) is definitely a rocking event you can not miss it.

Barbican Cinema 1 with 13th London International Animation Festival Poster

The non-profit organization iconic LIAF is happening in Barbican in London from 2nd to 11th December, 2016. It aims to support animations worldwide with variety dimensions of themes, plus the events spread around in multi-venues from Close-Up in Shoreditch to Whitechapel Gallery to stir up creativity.

Momotaro – Sacred Sailors (1945) Dir. Mitsuyo Seo

Japanese culture has been the distinctive spotlight in recent 5-year in LIAF. This 13th celebration is in close collaboration with Japanese culture, there is a competition programme as “New Japanese Shorts”, also it shows a retro screening for very first Japanese animation, “Momotaro – Sacred Sailors” (1945) that coherent arranged Japanese animation progress from the beginning till contemporary arts on the second day.

Animators’ short introduction before screening in Animation International Competition Programme: From Absurd to Zany

Someone might misunderstand that animation is for children, what I do love with the LIAF competition programme is that they all have their categories to claim that animation is for all ages, such as “From Absurd To Zany”, “Into The Dark”, “Looking For Answers” and much more! You can enjoy all unique dignity aura from animations with hand-drawing, stop motion, CGI or animated characters in real life, all these different ways to express sophisticated themes.

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