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HAPPENINGText: Kengo Michizoe

The 31st international creative festival “TOKYO DESIGN WEEK” started in 1986 and was held at the front of the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery from October 26th, 2016 to November 6th. (It was canceled on November 7th)

TOKYO DESIGN WEEK is a creative festival which incorporates various creative genres such as design, art, music, and fashion. From home and abroad, companies, institutions, embassies, media, schools, creators, and musicians participate and great opportunities for promotion, presentation, test marketing, and businesses matching to over one hundred thousand members of audience.

This year, it held more than thirty creative pieces of content such as “Inspired by Sharaku Exhibition,” “Pro Exhibition” by professional creators, and “Interactive Exhibition” which creative companies found a new expression in. On the weekend and holiday, a music event was held all day.

Installation by Kengo Kito

At the main tent of the main area, there were colorful curvy formative art pieces. The main tent and stage were decorated in collaboration with modern artist Kengo Kito who won the Goshima Memorial Cultural Prize in 2008. Daily necessities including shampoo bottles, scarves, LED lights, and hula hoops were used for the formative arts. He keeps creating pieces using multiple expressions such as colorful daily necessities, a reflection of lighting and lamé, motor, a huge installation incorporating a rotation and circulation, and sculpture and painting.

“Sharaku”, Masayoshi Kodaira

“Inspired Exhibition” is a special event started in 2012. In past exhibitions, Jakuchu Ito and manga by Hokusai were selected as the inspiration and this year “Inspired by Sharaku Exhibition” literally inspired by the most mysterious painter of the Edo era, Sharaku, was held. Various types of pieces by both professional creators and amateurs were exhibited. Next year, this exhibition is will be held at the Milano Salone.

“Knit invasion”, Saki Chikaraishi

At the “Super Robot Exhibition”, imaginative robots and extension devices with the latest technology are exhibited. Pieces such as “Knit Invasion” by Saki Chikaraishi, who had an interview for the SHIFT magazine, was re-exhibited. She is a hyper knit creator as a communication medium. Based on a theme of connecting the world gently, she conducts many projects which envelop a town and space by knitting.

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