PEOPLEText: Noriyuki Abe

Please tell us the 3 most important points in the process of making your artwork?

Obviously sculptural stuff, design and motion image require an element of design and process. But the recent painting is born entirely from attaining the feeling by a process of gathering the vibe, and then once I have reached what I call the semi ecstatic phase I can then make stuff without thinking. For me with these recent paintings, thinking whilst making the marks is a failure, if I can see a logic in them afterwards I think it decreases its effect. They have to constantly surprise to be effective and have no knowing mark making. To not be contrived or planned. Which actually sounds quite contrived in itself but anyway hahaha.

I guess its like some nut job getting high on acid and swishing paint around, but the process of getting to the semi ecstatic can be hard work, it involves not just finding inspiration but programming myself with the right feelings. Filling up with the right ingredients, like it can be a lopped pop chorus or a scene from a film combined like a car crash mantra playing in the subconscious. Through that comes something new, not always good, but if it feels like it came from a non precious subconscious then I don’t paint over it or burn it.

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If I look at a sketchbook before I paint its like the actor looking at his lines, and I can always see it afterwards. I guess I’m going for improvised scenes not sitcom, not a “lets get this scene done before lunch” type of scenario. If you’re drunk and you write something down and read it in the morning its almost more magical than a long thesis you wrote. Well it is to me in any case. Its proven to me when people come over and see stuff, they’re into the work that came out of the semi ecstatic. If I offer one up you can be sure they take one I can barely remember doing.

Also another thing that has become more and more important in the last few months is speed, if a painting takes longer than 3 hours or so it ceases to become a part of the process I talked about before, too much time thinking about it whilst doing it makes it a bit contrived. That’s why I’ve moved onto using the airbrush because it covers a large area quickly if used badly. And my god do I use it badly. Speed is important when doing lots of different things otherwise the longer process becomes the dominant, if I can make a track in an hour I’m definitely listening to it a year later, if it takes a week, I may not put it on ever again.

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What was happened in 90’s and 00’s London and How is it going right now there?

I’ve always loved London, don’t understand anyone who doesn’t. I think age changes how you interact with it, 90’s and 00’s was a pure cultural connection, for me at that time it seemed like music was the stronger language and London is brilliant in giving you music in raw form. Then as I got away from art school and found my way back to art in a non academic way, it became a great place for different reasons, mostly making stuff, I’m not sure it was art, but just rather trying things out.

As the number of clubs and galleries decrease people seem to be finding other ways to do things, obviously gentrification is a sore point in London, the last two studios I’ve had have been knocked down to make luxury flats, meaning the communities change and therefore aren’t that many places to show work if its not on a very pro level. Rents are crazy which means a lot of my friends successful business’s are under threat. And the weird experimental clubs where you could put something on years ago are now 4 months pre booked because all the other places are gone.

As I write this I am surrounded by 200 or more paintings and loads of sculptures in boxes and I can’t think of a single place to show them, that might have something to do with the fact I’m unconnected or might mean there isn’t an arena for that here. I haven’t the intelligence to work out which one it is.

Hard to think about living anywhere else, I mean I think about it but always stay put, it’s a great place to live.

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