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Creator's Park vol.1

For 3 days from Oct. 22nd to the 24th, “CREATOR’S PARK vol.1” took place at CLASKA in Meguro. The commemorative first event used “green” as its theme. It was a great success including work exhibits, sales and presentations by Japan original creators who carry something to the next generation. Let me introduce some noteworthy pieces from the site.


First, “Let’s enjoy on the rooftop of Claska!” An agricultural gardening group “VALLICANS” brought a roof garden into an open space. A new model for a rooftop garden named “community garden” was a collaboration with WEB TV “plants+“, VALLICANS is a farmwork visual group who do rice harvesting. A stylist ,Fumihiko Okabe, leads the members who have both various backgrounds and buzzcuts. A functional and fashionable coordinate proposal for farm working was shown along with original T-shirts that featured prints of vegetables harvested in each of the 12 month and towel with their logo on it. They presented a fresh gardening idea with a messenger bag for guerrilla gardening full of functions and also agricultural products for sale including rice harvested by VALLICANS members.


Also, a sneaker planter from “2-tacs” was formed into the shape of a NIKE AIR or an ACG sneaker then baked and colored in an original way. The idea to transform into a planter, its real molding and coloring made a great impression. Besides that, an open-air garden cafeteria, succulent plants for sale and a tent for outdoor furniture style on a rooftop all had magnificent styling and suggest a way to enjoy a community garden splendidly under the blue sky in Autumn.

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