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PEOPLEText: Mariko Takei

Magnitude Takahashi at recording in the dark.

Please tell us about your activity as a seismologist “Magnitude Takahashi”.

Magnitude Takahashi is a virtual image, or more like it might be a new character I created.
He speaks out his knowledge which was gained through poring over National Geographic and Wikipedia, as if he acquired them on his own research.
Also, it’s not known that I made music entitled “Ichitasuichi” and “Taisho Democracy” under the name of Magnitude Takahashi.
The next one would be a hardcore rap stating with the lyric “Magnitude, masani chudoku”.

Please discuss about the SHIFT cover for this month?

It’s Rei Harakami’s pet. The pet, Rainbow-colored Namahage Zombi likes Rei Harakami ‘s music and changes its body colors to blend with the music. It always stays in the chest pocket during his live shows.
Currently the population is assumed to be more than 25 million in the US. It eats garden trees, devastating woods and growing more than one meter long, it often causes traffic accidents.

What work would you like to do in the future?

Job hunting.
As the qualification period for my unemployment insurance benefits will expire soon, I need to go find a way to get paid.
As for my creative activity, I will be very honored to collaborate for SLAYER’s artworks. It’s only a dream though. Please contact me if people who are involved in SLAYER read this. I will design T shirts!!
Also, I want to do something with Dentsu. Anything, but a big project (laughs).
But for this year, I want to make new year cards for those who have helped me out. Something like using like invisible ink with lemon. Looking forward to it.


Text: Mariko Takei

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