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HAPPENINGText: Reto Caduff

That L.A. based illustration mavericks Kozyndan (a couple named Kozy and Dan) have new work shown at the Giant Robot Store is no accident. The duo contributes regularly to Giant Robot magazine and GR has returned the favor in releasing a 96page soft cover book on the work of Kozyndan called Urban Myths.

But there is another book in the works: Hawaiian Girls Have More Fun is another project, that started when a Japanese fashion magazine asked them to do a fashion spread with some Hawaiian photos. Of course they reworked the wacko pics in classic Kozydan fashion and have turned out a hilarious series – soon to be published.

The two artists work both for themselves and clients such as record companies, magazines and corporate clients. Looking at the work and the samples on the website it is surprising and encouraging to see, how Kozyndan stick to their style without compromising.

One of the themes that pops up often with them is the bunny.

I wanted to know more about bunnies and other things, so I asked the artists some questions. Here they are.

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