PEOPLEText: Mariko Takei

The NANOOK’s world of dark and sweet imagination.

SHIFT 2010 Calendar was released on October 20th! The Shift cover for November was designed by a Tokyo-based artist NANOOK whose work was selected for the calendar visuals as one of 12 artists. Let’s wander into the labyrinth of NANOOK world, stuffed full of his imagination to explore more about his mysterious activities and drawing works represented with his unique comments.

“Dream” – Selected work for SHIFT 2010 Calendar.

Please introduce yourself.

NANOOK. Born in Tokyo, raised with Pokemon. Most of my friends seem to like to draw…
My name NANOOK originated from the name of a dog which my father saw in Alaska 30 years ago. Also, it’s the name of my dog who died 3 years ago. Now I do creative works like drawings under the name NANOOK.
Just quit a company called Mik Planning the other day, I spend my time watching YouTube at my parents home. Some people said I am a “victim of Yutori education“.

Grade-B sunshine-falling-through-foliage drawing book “ANAL DRAGON”

What have you done for creative activities so far?

I didn’t really “work”, but I did work on a volunteer activity to build a church in a village called Namsom Thailand. I was totally impressed that a man in the village sent over my lost eyeglasses a month later my return.
As for creative activities, I have been working on my lifework, drawing to make a zine. Also, I participated in “ANAL DRAGON“, the grade-B sunshine-falling-through-foliage drawing book that has just been released the other day.

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