NIKE 公式オンラインストア


HAPPENINGText: Wakana Kawahito


After the first performance, all guests moved to the next room, where many cloths were hanging as well as a lot of photos and monitor on the wall. Then, two dancers started cutting a piece of cloth and put them on and off one after other, while electronic music sounds. It was a perfomance by Pelican Avenue.


It was a collaborative show perfomed by an Austrian dancer Krõõt Juurak and a Berlin-based Alexandra from electro girls band Chicks On Speed in addition to the sound performer, Benjamin, a band member of THALIA.
This art performance illustrates a new style of fashion. Moreover, dancers made sound like “fashi-on” and “cat-walk” when they push two buttons on a girl’s body in order to create their word. I liked their irony against current fashion industry.


Moved to the last room, two labels presented. First was Edwina Hoerl, with their concept “applicable”. It seems the brand has an idea the silhouette is completed with people wearing the clothe, not only the form itself. They used various patterns that creates many silhouette as poeple move aound.

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