HAPPENINGText: Tatsuhiko Akutsu

PUBLIC/IMAGE.METHOD Session 2 “FUGAHUM x Kazunari Tajima”

The next session is FUGAHUM x Kazunari Tajima. FUGAHUM, a fashion brand managed by Akiyoshi Mishima, an art director of ENLIGHTMENT, and fashion designer Asuka Yamamoto, looks at fashion from a conceptual point of view and shows artistic expression beyond the hedge of apparel. Kazunari Tajima is a world-wide photogpraher of fashion magazines and advertisements.

What these two showed us was definitely the professional METHOD. Tajima specifically talked about what conception and methodology he used when he shot the catalogue of the A/W collection of FUGAHUM, using the documentary film. There exists his profound thoughts and strong tastes. Tajima manipulates a variety of software absolutely as the necessary tools in his expression.

Both of them have their own ideas and methods. Unsurprisingly there were conflicts between the two. The catalog, however, was created between the miracle balance derived from them, and it plays a role more than just as a catalog but transcends to complete as a piece of art work, which was etched with a strong concept of FUGAHUM.


The integration of music and interactive art could be so inspirational for the audience. The next session of I AM ROBOT AND PROUD well-known for the warm and confortable electro-pop sound, and Daito Manabe whose video of face music visualizers is gaining popularity on YouTube, draws a certain vibe with the experimental live comibining such beautiful music and interactive art.

In short, which is more interesting in terms of physical expression (other than musical factor), the live performance in which Beyonce sways her hips, or the one in which the keyboard is meekly played? In what is called electro music, as far as a musician making sound by controlling machines or keyboards, it can’t be denied that there are less physical expressions.

But, suppose an electric music is integrated with interactive art. In the session of I AM ROBOT AND PROUD and Daito Manabe, the LED some audiences hold in their mouth reacted to the sound I AM ROBOT AND PROUD played, and they emitted different lights; that is visualization of sound. An unusual approach to one sound could give it another value, and we finally realized the strong impression of what we see with our eyes, or what affects our sense of sight.

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