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PEOPLEText: Mariko Takei

Maria Vittoria Benattig
Artwork for Grafuck 3 book release art show at Gallery Nucleus © Maria Vittoria Benatti

How did you start to pursue becoming an illustrator?

My first time as illustrator was more than twelve years ago, trying to design some tshirt for Bronco, an early project of my friend Lorenzo Fonda, aka Olle aka Cembro aka Cerberoleso, great artist/illustrator/director/skater, big talent from Modena. Then I started with computer graphic and gave up with illustration for many years, until three years ago, when I make a fresh start with illustration using pencil and computer.

Is your artist name “Hi!”? If so, how did you decide the name?

I have a very long name, I needed to have something easy, friendly and short to introduce myself.

What’s your inspiration? What your main idea behind your creation?

Nothing particularly, many of my illustrations came out directly form doodling, I like drawing in a simple and synthetic way, but at the same time I am searching for expressiveness and decorative style.

Maria Vittoria Benatti
Sculpture for graduation at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna © Maria Vittoria Benatti

What is your favorite fashion, art, design, music, people, and anything you can
think of?

In this period I am quite interested in sculpture, I have realized some pieces for my graduation thesis. I love Erwin Wurm, Ernesto Neto, Studio Job, Tommy Støckel, Kate MccGwire, Jan Vormann. Today the border between sculpture, design, street art and illustration is very thin.
Music, I like a lot of indie band and artists, like Cat Power, Fiery Furnaces, Bernard Fleischmann, but my favourite so far are NoMeansNo, they are powerful, cynical, and brilliant.

What was your idea for the SHIFT cover design?

I tried to animate one of my texture. I would like to create an emotion starting from a static and decorative image.

What do you want to explore next in the future?

I’d like to get in depth into the matter of the 3rd dimension, whether it comes from sculpture or from animation.

Maria Vittoria Benatti

Text: Mariko Takei

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