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Guillaume Salmon is PR for colette since more than 5 years, enjoying to be in the middle of different culture and microcosms… From the west coast of France, he is a Parisian since ever and for ever for one reason, because Paris is Magic!!! He will be proud and glad to relate to the colette way of life and here, lists his favorite finds from colette month after month.

colette news November
Steve Powers'(aka ESPO) exhibition “A True Provider Is Good To Find”
December 1st-January 3rd, don’t miss Steve Powers‘(aka ESPO) exhibition “A True Provider Is Good To Find” and his new unseen before paintings made in Paris…”L’Attraction De La Boue” is the second part of the event, in collaboration with Matt Goias: in honor of World Aids Day 2008, both artists give away to Parisian prostitutes yellow printed raincoats – as a functioning metaphor of the protection we as a society should extend to those most at-risk.
A limited edition run of 100 custom hotel key cards – symbolic of the ways we look for emotional shelter for Sidaction.

colette news December
My First Be@rbrick B@by
Chiaki’s fun “My First Be@rbrick B@by” comes back, this time in colette blue and in limited edition, exclusively at colette and Medicom in Tokyo. Mother (400%) and baby (100%) on a blister postcard.

colette news Novembercolette news December
Laetitia Cohen Skalli’s Redline bracelet
For ever to the fight against Aids, Laetitia Cohen Skalli launches at colette and for Worlds’ Aids Day, December 1st, a Redline bracelet, with a charm in the shape of the Aids Ribbon. Available in diamonds or simple white gold on a red thread, profits will go to Sidaction.

colette news December
La Mjc re-designing Malibu bottles
La Mjc came up with this idea of re-designing Malibu bottles in “pop” interpretations by artists SO-ME, James Jarvis and Delta. Only 100 numbered bottles of each are available, a colette exclusive.

colette news December
Jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces edited by Art+Commerce
It is fairly rare to find work by Steven Meisel out of the glossy pages of exclusive fashion magazines. You can now play with it for ever and ever with this jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces edited by Art+Commerce and available exclusively at colette in France.

Text: Guillaume Salmon from colette

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