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Online magazine SHIFT presents DOTMOV Festival 2008, a digital film festival aiming to discover talented creators and provide them with an opportunity to show their works. Works submitted from all over the world will be screened throughout the world venues from November 2008 (Date will be different depending on the venue). Last year’s total submission was 297 works from 34 countries. This year’s tour will be Sapporo, Sendai, Shizuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Sao Paulo.


Festival mission

The goal of this festival is to discover talented artists and provide them with an opportunity to show their work. We are also trying to increase the international scope of the festival by inviting guest creators, active on the front lines of the creative world, to participate as judges. During the festival, holding a lot of related audio & visual events, we explore the possibility of digital films.

Date and Place:

Online: All selected works will be shown on SHIFT website. (from November 1st)

Place: Sapporo, Sendai, Shizuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Sao Paulo

Details to be announced.

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Guest Creators

The Designers Republic: A group of UK creators taking an active part in the forefront of the world. With clients from Warp to Nokia, Nike, Sony and NTT, and work ranging from music print to video and experimental film, and from award winning web design to TV channel identities, their influence on global graphic design has grown large in recent years. Well known also for their Peoples Bureau For Consumer Information on-line lifestyle store.

Motion Theory: Motion Theory is redefining the production industry through a combination of creative development, filmmaking, and innovative visual effects. The company’s unique studio model unites the efforts of directors, animators, designers, visual effects artists, writers, resulting in a deeply collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to making commercials, music videos, and other creative content.

Yoshi Sodeoka, C505: Yoshi Sodeoka is an artist, designer and musician based in New York city. Over the past decade, his projects have been featured in books and magazines (I.D. Magazine, Res, IdN, Artbyte), DVDs (Nike Presto Spirit of Movement, Reline 2, RUGA), web sites (Whitney Museum’s Artport,, Rhizome. org, and exhibitions across the world (San Sebastian’s GlasKultur, The Creative Time Holiday Light Show at New York’s Grand Central Terminal, Berlin’s Transmediale, Poland’s Krakow Film Festival, WNET Reel NY).

Sodeoka has received grants from the likes of the Greenwall foundation and his work is part of the permanent collections of the San Francisco MoMA and New York’s Museum of the Moving Image. Sodeoka has lectured at the School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design and the Pratt Institute. He’s juried design awards for the Art Director’s Club, the One Club, the Webby Awards, the Society of Publication Designers, and the .MOV Festival by Shift Japan. He’s also a member of the experimental noise udio/visual duo, KNBS. They’ve performed internationally, in places like Sapporo, Singapore (Design Edge festival), Valencia and Barcelona (OFFF festival, Sonar festival).

Jiro Ohashi, An editor. After working for several computer or graphic magazines, he started publishing a graphic magazine “SAL magazine” (published by Electric SAL) in 2001, seeking appearance of a free paper. Organizing an audio visual event “SAL magazine night”. Released a DVD “AUDIOVISUALJAPAN” (by Gas As I/F) in 2004, books “Novelty Design” and “Disk Package Design” (both by Shoeisha) in 2005. Presiding a website “” since 2005. Currently working as a medical staff in a hospital psychiatric ward.

Sugarcube: Korean leading web creator agency who create Samsung’s branding site constantly and with these web sites, they’ve got some awards like “12th Webby Awards People’s Voice” and “2008 Cannes Cyber Lions Shortlist”. Their strong point is branded entertainment and interactive storytelling through ‘digital storytelling’.

Feed Deutschland: Linderman’s work is commonly associated with the early experimental and commercial design projects at Fork Unstable Media, a design studio that he co-founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1996. Linderman continued as Creative Partner at Fork Unstable Media Ost, living and working in Berlin. In July of 2008, after 12 years of creative corporate culture and many many projects, Linderman is moving on and enjoying the first harsh rays of emanicipation.
After studying Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin, he shifted his focus to Graphic Design, coupling the two interests and authoring pieces characteristic for its contextual juxtapositions of current events, language-nostalgia and perverted corporate vernacular.
In 1999, Linderman and partner Manuel Funk founded the Berlin studio Fork Unstable Media Ost. The studio has since been commissioned for artwork in printed media, animation, film and interactive installations for exhibitions at the Sonar Festival (Barcelona), Künstlerhaus Vienna, Micronanze Festival (Rome), Iconologica Festival (Alicante) and for the Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA). Three fork projects are included in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) permanent collection.
In addition to creative direction in the Fork Berlin studio, Linderman has been a teaching professor at the Academy of Art and Design Offenbach for Graphic and Interactive Design since the spring of 2004.

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Applicant’s qualification

We accept all work including prize-winning works or works submitted to other contests in Japan as well as in other countries. Submissions are accepted regardless of nationality and open to both professionals and amateurs. If some contests forbid sending your work to other contests, please respect their requirements.
Animation, images, sounds, music, text and illustrations in your work should be original.
However if the author give a permission to submit, it doesn’t have to be your original.
Works submitted for the past edition of DOTMOV festival can’t be accepted.


Choose your favourite theme and create a work with it. (You can submit as many pieces as desired.)

Works to submit

The work should be digital film works such as animation, design or music clip.
The format should be videotape (VHS/S-VHS), mini DV (NTSC), or DVD (video format/NTSC or PAL).

We will not accept any works that are not in the above formats such as digital data (quicktime movie or flash etc.) and PAL mini DV tape.

Please post your work which is copied in the above media.

We only accept works which is delivered by post. Submitted work is not returned to you. Please save a master copy for yourself.


September 20th , 2008

Fees / Awards

Submission is free. Any money for film production or prizes are not given.


Copyright and the right to use and distribute works are given to the creators.
Organiser has the right to use the works at projects related to this festival (i.e. publicity, projecting and displaying in the event, showing on the web).

Contact E-mail address

How to submit

1. How to submit

Complete the application form and send your work with it to the following address.

Please download the application form from here. *You need Adobe® Acrobat Reader™.

Submission starts on July 1st, 2008.

Shift Magazine

3F Sasshin Bld., S6 W11 Chuo-ku, Sapporo 064-0806, Japan

Tel: +81-11-206-4567

2. Selection

Shift and guest creators will select works to show at the event from all those that arrive before the deadline, September 20th, 2008.
Results will be sent to the selected creators only. We will not accept any inquiries.

3. After the selection

The submitted works will be selected by guest creators and Shift. The selected works will be shown on Shift website from November 1st, 2008, and also screened at world venues. (Date will be different depending on the venue).

[Help wanted] Inviting volunteer staff / pro bono for contribution and translation. Please e-mail to us.