HAPPENINGText: Yoshitaka Futakawa

His exhibit “Take Your Time” has been at MoMA and PS1 before this waterfalls project. What color of pen do you usually write in? Black? Or Blue? Try different color from tomorrow until it gets out of ink. And then start using an original one again. The feeling you get at this time is my impression on his show. I myself sometimes feel exhausted not only physically but also mentally after walk around a museum. However, I felt refreshment of my mind and body this time. You can tell from the fact that kids were tickled pink obviously at his section of the museum.

NYC Waterfalls
Pier 35

Let’s get back to the story and talk about recommended sites. You can identify with one of the tourists holding your camera among them, or go across the Manhattan bridge viewing beautifully lit waterfalls at night, or go on a cruise for close look. A ferry ride is also available for free. You may be able to peep from a gap between boardwalks on Brooklyn bridge that I haven’t try yet, though.

NYC Waterfalls
A view from South Street Seaport

This project organizer, “Public Art Fund“, has executed installations, exhibits, and so on in pubic space for 30 years since 1977. They have worked with more than 500 artists offering unique platform for them. Currently some installations besides this project on view as follows. Chris Burden “What My Dad Gave Me” (Rockefeller Center), James Yamada “Our Starry Night” (Doris C. Freedman PLZ 60th St/5th Ave), “Everyday Eden” (Metroteck Center / Brooklyn)

NYC Waterfalls
A view from South Street Seaport

I really appreciate for their effort including the artist of not sparing themselves under the restricted circumstances of public space rather exploiting itself. Don’t miss it when you visit this city this summer.
By the way, it is hazy today in New York and its sunset is at 8:29 p.m.. Bon voyage!

NYC Waterfalls
Installation: Olafur Eliasson
Date: June 26th – October 13th, 2008
Open: 7:00 -22:00 *Will be lit after sunset
Place: Pier 35 (Manhattan) / Brooklyn Bridge / Brooklyn Pier (Brooklyn) / Governors Island
Free Governors Island ferry (7 min. ride only Fri, Sat, and Sun) and Staten Island ferry (daily) are also available besides the official water tour operator, Circle Line Downtown.

Text: Yoshitaka Futakawa
Photos: Fumi Nakamura

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