THINGSText: Yurie Hatano

UT Inspired: Number HITOMITOI
Design, Model: HITOMITOI


10 (to) – 1 (i) %! Toi%!! 101%!!!

The margin is the art.
The margin is the emotion.
The margin is the love, yes, love.
The margin is something you need in life.

The picture printed on the T-shirt was something from Sicily that I gathered the other day.
“Toi%”, thank you very much.
Well, I hope you will in the margin, 101%.

UT Inspired: Number exonemo
Design, Model: exonemo


About “108”
Not to add, but it’s the method of substitution.
Through time, people get closer to 0,
and start to shine hard.

Hello to all SHIFT readers, my name is exonemo. Unlike any other creature living on earth, humans don’t use their own skin but use materials to protect their bodies. They grow into so many varieties, and I feel quite proud that such a wide variety exists for one type of creature. Not only that, some humans even extend their hair, or they control their bodies by removing their hair. In modern times, many men remove their lower facial hair with some special device, and many women get rid of their hair in other parts of the body. Furthermore, they even take the skin with hair off other animals to cover themselves, which can be the most oddest thing to do on earth. But, who cares!
I just like this season when I can just have one T-shirt on! I love it!

UT Inspired: Number Taku Anekawa
Design, Model: Taku Anekawa

Taku Anekawa

Feeling the sound of my heart beat. This is the closest feeling of being alive.
The rhythm of the heart. At this very moment, here it comes again and again.
The average number of the heart rate in one’s whole life: 4 billion.
This enormous number is going up here at this very moment, once again and again.

Hello, this is Anekawa. A needle is almost stinging my heart. I might be dead in 30 years’ time. It seems long, and it seems short. The feeling of fading life, and the reality of death. If one wants to weave a story full of life, it might be ideal to keep these two aspects close together.

A heart with a needle made of silver coating, this is what I intended to have an implication in these two motifs.

This T-shirt is for those (including myself) who spend everyday without realising that they could die tomorrow.

UT Inspired: Number Atsushi Toyama
Design: Atsushi Toyama, Model: Ayaka Sugiura

Atsushi Toyama

The word “Number” only reminds me of that particular sports magazine title. There might be a serious lack of imagination here.
On the day before the deadline, I just went mad and drew three circles.
There we go; one! two!! three!!!

One: My job is to make illustrations, I probably should express by drawing something, the passion and love that flows out of myself could not be expressed on such a little canvas.

Two: I had a vague feeling that there wouldn’t be strict restrictions from the client, so I tried something that wouldn’t be allowed in other projects.

Three: When there are three circles together, they look like like a face, or each circle looks like something from the galactic system. There seem to be small, medium and large ones. They might be do, re, mi, if they were sound pieces. So what??

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Text: Yurie Hatano

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