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2007 saw the 9th Lyon Biennial of Contemporary Art launched in 1991 by Thierry Raspail, the director of Lyon Modern Museum. It was almost the only worldwide exhibition in France. Followed by two exhibitions, “It Happened Tomorrow” in 2003 and “The Experiencing Duration” in 2005 each presenting “Future” and “Past”, he tried “Archaeology of The Present” in his last exhibition in the triptych on the subject of “Time”.

Lyon Biennale 2007
“Sans titre”, Josh Smith, 2007

Raspail, the artistic director, chose 2 curators for this exhibition: Stéphanie Moisdon born in 1967 and Hans-Ulrich Obrist born in 1968.

It too outrageously attempted to name the chronicle of the unfinished decade from 2000, based on the title, “00 S – L’HISTOIRE DE DECENNIE QUI N’EST PAS encore NOMME / The History of A Decade Not Yet Named“. This Biennale was the game presented by two planners, where participants were asked to define the past decade. In two games provided by Moisdon and Obrist, players were allowed to play it once for all. Only once.

Lyon Biennale 2007
“The Nu River Project”, 2007, Cao Fei invited by Fu Fan

In the first game, the 49 participants of curators and art critics needed to answer a single question: “In your opinion which artist or which work has a vital place in this decade?”

Lyon Biennale 2007
“Potlach 11.1 / The dead end strategy”, 2007, Givanni Carmin invited by Norma Jean

Among many curators who have been presenting one work of one artist, Stefan Calmar defined “Dot dot dot Magazine”, the magazine published in 2000 dealing with graphic design as art which presents the past ten years.

Lyon Biennale 2007
“Museum of American Art” invited Tirdad Zolghadr

Tirdad Zolghadr exhibited circumstances of Museum of American Art, one of the traveling exhibition planned in 1950s, which has been also regarded since 1970s as a propagandistic exhibition in the art scene of America and is the grass roots that made popular the position of American art in European modern art scene.

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