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HAPPENINGText: Sayaka Hirakawa

When I arrive at the venue in Poland Place, all the buyers and members of press were mingling in front of the beautiful Victorian house waiting for the opening. Black cabs keep dropping off excited looking clients and exhausted editors one after another. Now here’s the tip, you should never look pissed off for the schedule and never be on time. That’s what Londoners do and this is London Fashion Week (henceforth LFW).

London Fashion Week 2008
Ana Sekularac

The Ana Sekularac show started with a little trick. As soon as the music started, a wall that had partitioned two small rooms sank into the ground. Sekularac had been working on the fashion desk at Italian Cosmopolitan and the Daily Mail and started her own collection last year.

As the themes for this season, she chooses Italian renaissance and female matador. She continues with the style of three-dimensional sleeve and collar which makes them look like beautiful sculpture work. The Ruffle blouse and the waist-squeezed skirt are clearly inspired by the bravery and grace of the female matador.

Monotone as base colour, bright saturated red and blue comes along. Maybe there are not many bulls to fight here in London but girls do need to fight sometimes. So here she presents us with stylish battle fatigues which give us inner strength to deal with the world.

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