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ComanechiComanechi is one of this rare but amazing things that happend to you when you are surfing the Internet and suddenly you get blast and captured.

Comanechi is a band that its really hard for me to introduce because I was trilled since the first time I listend to them. I started with the kicking ass song “Death of you” one of those song that you ended saying YEAH! and start to search, who is this people?.
Comanechi are a London based shaking hard-noise rock duo formed by Akiko, furious drumer and vocals and Simon playing loud and sharp distortion Guitar.

Comanechi’s have recorded, “Rude” 2005 White Heat Records, “Naked” 2005 White Heat Records, “My Pussy” 2007 White Heat Records and “Death of You” 2007 on Merok Records.

The best you can do at the end of this article, is to go straight to know them and became a fan just like I did, so visit the band site or

Akiko is also the lead singer for another amazing band called PRE.

I got to talk with Akiko, and she kindly agree to make an interview, so here it goes.

Photos by Naughty James

The weirdes thing i found when i was looking in internet about you, was a website callled Popstar feets, they have a photo of your shoes and socks… How much do you care about your shoes and socks?

I care about what I wear and my hair when I’m out. It would be lie if I say no, if you are one of people who are seen on stage etc, you should care about your looks.

You are a band that do lots of gigs, do you have any funny gig history, something remarkable to tell us?

Always! There are so many stories. But I don’t know which one I should tell.
Once we had a driver who couldn’t drive(he had a driving license but he was a shit driver!)
He nearly killed us 3 times in half hour on the road when we were touring in the UK with Gossip.


I was reading your pussy history, when you lost your cat your mom said to you, that the cat will became a drum, is that why you play Drums?

It’s based on my childhood story. But I half made up to make the reason why I play drums.

What you can tell me about Simon (guitar player on Comanechi)?

He’s tall! haha, he’s nice. He’s good at being in a band with me.
I’m quite bossy in the band but he loves me ball busting him.

Some of your influences are artist like Yayoi Kusama, Thomas Demand, Tom Sachs. Are you into Contemporary art?

Yes, I studied Contemporary art at university. I did lots of installations using mixed media. Videos, performance, sonic art & fine art.


You do all the drawings and images for Comanechi, have you exhibit your artwork?

I used to and I’d still love to if my time allows. I always love making things in general. I do graphic design, I design & build website (I did Comanechi one and Merok records), I design band T shirts etc. (Mystery Jets, PRE, The Big Pink, Twee As Fuck, etc.) So if anyone want me to design, contact me!

When Comanechi started you decided to sing, you said that you weren’t confident with your voice, what about now?

I wasn’t sure if I was a good singer when i first sang, but since I started my other band PRE (I only sing in that band), I had to be more confident.
Also we’ve recorded and released a few records since then, I’m now used to the way I sing and I’m quite comfortable as a singer.


How much have Comanechi changed during this years?

A lot. Between 2007 to now, we changed so much in a very good way. We are working really hard to write better songs. We rehearse a lot.
We tour and play gigs a lot. We are much better band as whole in a every way.

I think you sing a lot about sex and be naked. Did you ever get naked on stage?

Yes i have! I was wearing only knickers and stickers on my nipples at Tales of the Jackalope, Vice festival, last summer.
I sometime play in my bikini top and hot pants.

Photos by Kate Moross

Oh! i also read that you love to eat a lot, do you have a favorite meal?

Where did you read that??? I can’t remember when I said that, but yes I LOVE eating.
Eating fresh meat, fresh raw fish.
It’s hard to eat well in England, there aren’t much nice & healthy British food, but when comanechi went on tour in Europe,
all the food there were so delicious, especially French food!

Some magazines describes you as a Hot girl. I think you are, what do you think?

It’s nice things to hear, people say that maybe because my performance on stage is quite instinctive and wild.

Pussies, rabbits, what’s is your favotite animal? do you have a pet?

I used to have a pussy cat when I was little, but as you know, he was stolen by a man who make drum skins!
Also I have mice in my flat! agggh….
I like dogs.

Future plans? coming to Spain maybe?

Releasing a couple more Singles before our album comes out in summer.
Touring in Europe and Japan!

Text: Julio Cesar Palacio from Panopttic

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