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HAPPENINGText: Yuki Furusho

The venue was absolutely huge. If you go there with your friends and get separated form them, that’s it. It’s quite unlikely to see them ever again. I got lost for a few times actually..

The first booth I looked into was Takorasu‘s. His works were all done with a biro. They were all very delicately drawn and I felt like I was looking at some kind of mechanical equipment. He finishes those big drawings in a month or so.

Design Festa vol.26

What makes his works unique is that those black & white buildings, monsters, unnamable insects(?) don’t just stay on paper and start moving around in animation. You can check that out on his website.

Design Festa vol.26

This movie is also created by the artist, Takorasu. Moreover, those nostalgic music are composed by him as well. He told me that he’d learnt about it by himself and did it by simply pressing buttons without scores. Just set aside the sense like, “Umm… I’ve seen this before…”. Then you will start smiling with the feeling of nostalgia.

He told me that he usually does drawings for magazines and showed them to me. They surprised me because they were completely different from his works there. While I was talking to him, many people purchased his DVDs and books. There seems to be possibility for his works to be successful in the market. This DVD was being played beside the drawings, so that made me feel like I was in the exhibition of the original drawing of the animation. “Oh that’s really healing!”, somebody said.

I started looking around from the closest booth, but as I said, the place was so huge that I was so exhausted, to be honest…

Design Festa vol.26

As you can see here, there was even an artist who was shattered and fell asleep. (sorry if that was part of your exhibition..)

Design Festa vol.26

And I found a robot artist! (with glittering eyes) He made those paper-crafts on the table. There are wires inside of their bodies, so you can actually bend their joints. The big works were not for sale unfortunately because they are going to use them for motion animation. I can’t wait to see them ramp round!

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