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DOTMOV is a digital film festival organized by an online magazine “SHIFT”, aiming to discover unknown talented creators and provide an opportunity to show their works. We had a total of 297 works from 34 countries this year, and excellent 26 works among them were selected by guest judges. All the selected works are also exposed on the website.
This year’s festival will take several place in Japan during the whole month of November, 2007.


11/1 – 11/30 Sapporo, Soso Cafe
11/1 – 11/14 Sendai, Sendai Mediatheque (smt)
11/1 – 11/30 Tokyo, COMBINE
11/7 – 11/18 Osaka, digmeout ART&DINER
2/15 – 2/17 Shizuoka, SCVF, The Center for Creative Communications

※1 There is a special event on November 4th, at the Open Square in Sendai Mediatheque (smt). The Sendai version includes the special sound by a post rock duo, subtle/ Yuta Segawa. [See more…]
※2 “Media Opera <h />our<br />link” provides a flood of sonic and visual information, delivered through 10 speakers placed between the seats, 16 super tweeters hanging from the ceiling, 6 projection screens suspended at various angles and LED light displays filling the space. [See more…]


  • Herzog And The Monsters
    4:00 | 2006 | UK
    Dir: Leseley Barnes
    Sound & Music: Al Paxton a.k.a Metronomes
  • This clip stood out from the others in several ways. Predominantly black and white, but with a little dashing of color here and there, Herzog pulls off a difficult balancing act between 3D character design, three-dimensional space, classic and modern typography, vector graphics and paper-cut illustration. That all these media come together in no obvious cacophony of trendy references is amazing. The palette of potentially incompatible media is daunting, the production nearly perfect and it clearly beats its own drum next to the other entries.
    Selected and commented by Fork

  • Unconscious
    4:08 | 2007 | Japan
    Dir: Yusuke Nakajima
  • You will see the ordinary scenery is changing to a different scenery you haven’t seen before. Also, it is not unpleasant, it is totally beautiful or I would say that it appeals directly to our instinct. That is my impression of this work. “UNCONSCIOUS”, its beginning is like the NHK education TV program, actually it is a sketch of the various look of water. From the state of drop as surface tension, the scenery of water becomes vapor just before boiling, waves and bubbles on surface which are made by external moves, the look which were touched by various materials such as metals or stones or concrete, so it might sounds boring if you imagine these scenery.
    We all know the texture of water. We know that it boils at 100° and changes to vapor, and also it freezes at 0° and changes to solid. Also how we feel the temperature is hot and cold, safe and dangerous. How it tastes and the viscosity, too. We all can image clearly about water naturally by touching, soaking, and drinking.
    The theme of this work is nothing interesting in ordinary life, but I think the editing is amazing, indeed. I guess he knows music quite well. In music industry, there were (still are) active expressions such as minimal techno, electronica, and noise music. I suppose “UNCONSCIOUS” is connected to these music roots as a video expression, or i would say it is surely connected. There are many movies which its visual is only stood out from the whole movie, and others are just like insignificant garnish for the main, but “UNCONSCIOUS” keeps a good balance of both of visual and sound. (Actually decent movies are like this, though) It makes me want to listen the music individually, too.
    Selected and commented by Jiro Ohashi

  • Kokiriko Bushi
    3:03 | 2007 | Japan
    Dir: Teppei Maki
    Music: Omodaka
  • This was really a TDR team choice. Personally, I like it because I don’t know why I like it. It has unselfconcious personality, it has great animation free of the stylistic constricts of trend or fashion. It exists on its own terms in its own world. There’s a great synergy between the sound and vision as well as perfect sync-ing. It’s funny and dark and idiosyncratic and naturally strange. We don’t know why it is what it is and we’re happy with that.
    Selected and commented by Ian Anderson (TDR)

  • Kaizer
    10:19 | 2006 | Japan
    Dir: Kotaro Tanaka
  • Beautiful footage with very subtle time-warp effect.
    I love the simplicity of it.
    Great work!
    Selected and commented by Yoshi Sodeoka (c505)

  • Shokutaiken
    6:04 | 2007 | Japan
    Dir: Takumi Nakai
  • My favorite from this year’s DOTMOV festival is the piece by Takumi Nakai. A collection of story-driven short sketches, loaded with an understated sense of humor, that stands out among pieces whose only intention is the exhibit of technical prowess. Quirky and funny, it works in bringing a “smile” to your face.
    Selected and commented by Motion Theory

  • If Time Pass
    4:55 | 2007 | Japan
    Dir: Teppei Kuroyanagi
    Sound: Takahide Higuchi
  • This work of art “If Time Pass” is representing using of digital painting from two dancer’s performance and what you can see the moving traces on the screen from players visually touched me like a listening the sweet melody and watching the sensible video art.
    You can see the traces of dancer’s performance image and these makes one picture. It is very special feeling from the eyes. Also play shows the image that is made by ‘Moment’ that two dancer’s movement is just like remaining on the screen but slowly disappeared.
    “If Time Pass” is that video and digital paintings are naturally merged and made up for my rhythmical visual desire. This is visually good play for me and gives me a great satisfaction.
    Selected and commented by Sugarcube



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